This is a space where I like to share what I’m currently focusing on. This page was inspired by Jadah Sellner, author of ‘She Builds.’ (Derek Rivers – click to learn more about the now page.)

Updated: April 2024


I currently live in San Francisco, CA and am focusing on these things…

Coaching my 1-to-1 Clients

I offer private coaching support to a limited number of neurodivergent adults (ADHD & Autistic). I am accepting applications for my waitlist and the next enrollment period will begin in September.

Please feel free to visit my FAQ page for more information about my services, enrollment process, and new client waitlist.

Learning About Autism

Last year I discovered I am Autistic and embarked on the life-long journey of exploring what it means to be an Autistic person (and the intersectionality of also being a woman, parent, business owner, and ADHDer).

During Q1, I completed Amy Richards’ Thrive program for newly diagnosed Autistic women and Amanda Diekman’s Low Demand Parenting masterclass. This month, I joined Sheila Henson’s latest cohort of the “Meerkat Squad” which is a group coaching program for Autistic ADHDers. Each of these women is an incredible guide, a lovely human, and I highly recommend their work.

If you’re wondering if you might also be Autistic, here are some of the resources I started with…

Resting & Recovering

I was diagnosed with Autistic Burnout in December 2023. As such, I am committed to slowing down for 2024 and building in additional time for rest, connection, play, and my special interests.

Spending Time with Family

My 4 year old has a couple of severe food allergies, so we began an experimental years-long treatment called OIT (Oral Immunotherapy) at the end of 2023 with the hope of helping her build immunity to these foods. When she’s not at preschool or a medical appointment, we are playing and hanging out (she LOVES to read, play board games, make art, dance, and sing). Additionally, my husband is on sabbatical for the year (so we are making more time for travel, working out, and having fun)!!!

Preparing for my Summer Sabbatical

I will be taking time off from work from mid-June through mid-September. I am planning to travel with my family for a couple of months, as well as give my body and brain plenty of unstructured, demand-free time.


Recently Visited: Tahiti, Bora Bora, Napa, CA; Healdsburg, CA; and New York, NY.

Coming Up: Washington, DC; Europe (Italy, France, + Spain); Des Moines, IA.

On Hold

Projects: There are a number of long-simmering creative projects on my professional roadmap, which includes the development of a group coaching program for neurodivergent women, educational workshops, podcast interviews, and talks. I have been learning how to give myself permission to follow my energy and trust that I will know when the time is right to move forward with each of these.

Certification: I recently made the extremely difficult decision to postpone my PCC certification and MRG advocacy work with the ICF – International Coaching Federation until further notice, due to a persistent lack of accessibility and accountability for supporting disabled coaches. Unfortunately the recent actions (and inaction) by the ICF have lead me to believe they are not capable of delivering on their DEIB policies and initiatives at this time. As such, I will not be able to complete the final step of my professional certification until the ICF addresses the issues that have been reported multiple times over the last 3 years.

I’m mindful there are a number of lovely, dedicated people who work for the ICF and are doing the best they can to drive systemic change. I am genuinely rooting for their success.

If you are a disabled coach and have faced challenges with the ICF’s new certification exam provider, content, and/or process, I strongly encourage you to submit a formal written complaint to the ICF so that we can ensure there is a paper trail that more accurately captures the large number of disabled coaches who continue to face barriers.

It breaks my heart to have to put this off due to my desire to become a mentor coach and a teacher for up-and-coming ADHD coaches. However, I have to honor my energetic capacity for this season of my life, as well as my commitment to professional integrity.


Interested in working together? I offer a FREE consult & coaching session to see if we might be a fit. Send me an email to learn more!